DJ Peco has been showing interest in the musical skill of DJing since early age. That is why his father, Peco Sr., introduced him to the world of electronic music and taught him the skills of the trade at the same time. Thirteen years ago, Peco Sr. retired, so he made room for a younger and more modern version of himself enriched by his abundant professional experience.

Peco Jr. started his professional career in 2006 at the café bar Gaga where he made his first sets. The following years, he gained experience by performing at numerous famous clubs in Split and Dalmatia (Jungla, Masters, Hemingway, Piccadilly, Kameleon, Vanilla…). Many times, he was hired to perform at various events: from private events to events sponsored by the city. He additionally built his reputation by performing at clubs such as Pink Champagne, Fort George and Split’s famous Central club, where he gained a title of a resident DJ. For the last eleven years Peco has been a resident DJ at the Bačvice club (during the summer season), while also at the similar time he maintained his seven year residency at the Inbox Club.

His first performances were characterised by funky and vocal house genres, but soon he started including electro and progressive house (“EDM” or “Big Room”). With his further personal and professional development, he started incorporating deep, future, jackin and tech house into his sets. In addition to previously mentioned genres, these are his favourite musical choices. Besides adding new genres, he likes to spice up his shows by adding a significant dose of creativity: he prefers a frequent transition of tunes and creating live mash-ups. Peco is a versatile DJ who easily adapts to his audience; therefore, his sets can also include popular tunes with pop, hip-hop and RnB beats.

In addition to his DJing skills, he is also a good event manager. Six years ago, he started his own project “Shockout” (festival of electronic music that lasts several days) held every year right before the Ultra Europe festival. In addition to this festival, he started his own company “Peco Event” where he gathered a renowned team of professionals whose main aim is to provide quality production (sound system/lighting) and DJing services. In the foreseeable future, he plans to dedicate his time to studio production and further development of his company and his Shockout concept.

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